Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bosses Day Blunder

Today was cake day at the new job and that reminded me of the last time, three years ago, I was allowed to carry cake...

I had worked at the bank for about 8 weeks when Bosses Day was approaching.  I had already been voted the "Money Girl" and made collections for all occasions (Birthdays, Bosses Day, United Way Casual Days, Bake Sale, etc.) People were telling me that as often as I was asking for money they should just sign me up to their accounts.  Anyway, I had all the money so that weekend I went and got him the Gift Card to Whole Foods (a Natural Foods store) and on that Monday I was to go and get a balloon, cake and some Diet Cherry Pepsi.  It went very well.  He loved it all (especially the Pepsi which was my idea).  

After our afternoon meeting we were able to give out about 1/4 of the cake.  We took the rest back to our area and cut it up.  I asked one of my co-workers if he had wanted any and he said no, but as I was walking by with the cake he changed his mind.  After some debating back and forth he decided to choose a piece.  After he was done, as I was putting the lid back onto the cake, the cardboard that the cake was on slid right off the plastic of the tray that the lid attached to and the entire rest of the cake fell, frosting first, onto the carpeted floor, narrowly missing my co-worker and myself.  It seriously looks like a clown fell onto the floor, face first.  I started doing that hysterical, embarrassed laugh and had problems controlling it.  I giggled quietly as I walked to and from the break room to get wet towels.  I'm no longer allowed to carry cakes at work.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Those hard questions ...

The other day I get a call from Ladybug while I was at work, before she went to daycare.  She says "Mommy how come (Curious) George gets to ride in the front seat but I don't?"  I said "Well, Honey, Curious George is a cartoon monkey and they have different car laws where he lives."  Priceless

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I really like her the way she is....

Back in March, Ladybugs stuffed bunny (Bunny) had her 7 year birthday (yes we had a party for her).  That night as we were laying down for bed she said: 

"Bunny is growing up." 

I asked her "How does that make you feel?"  

She replies "Kinda Sad."  

I asked her why.  She said "Well, I want Bunny to grow up, but I really like her the way she is."

It's amazing how a 7 year old can speak what my heart says about her.  I want to watch her grow up but I really like her the way she is now.  

Monday, June 30, 2014


Ladybug and I have been struggling for quite some time in regards to how she’s speaking to me.  She’s 7 now and so we butt heads from time to time (like every time is what I mean J).  On this particular day she was whining something awful to me and I had had it with the whining and constant asking for things she couldn’t have so I yelled at her and told her to stay in her room (it was bedtime) and then left to go into my room to yell at Hubby a bit (that’s what he’s there for right?)  A period of time had gone by and I hadn’t heard anything from her room so I decided to go check to see what she was doing (was hoping she was asleep but wasn’t holding my breath).
When I opened her door I was surprised to see her kneeling on her bed before her pillow.  On her pillow were many items, a necklace that I had when I was a kid that I had given her, some homemade flashcards from last year, a ring from Cayucos, and other things.  She was looking at them when I came in and asked me to please listen to her.  I sat down on the bed behind her.  She turned and looked at me and said:

“Mommy, I’m sorry for whining and always wanting more things.  I’ve been here with these things praying and I realized something… all these things here, all the things in this room, all the things I have and we have in this house are Love.  It is your love for me in all these things and I love you the most because you are my parents and I love you more than anything.  I’m so sorry I made you feel bad.”

She said this with a calm that is usually rarely seen in a child her age.  It was so sweet so profound.  She said more but honestly I was in tears so can’t remember some of it.  We hugged and everything was better.  (For that night at least).  I’m so lucky to have her as mine, even when we argue we always make each other feel better afterwards.  She amazes me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ladybug's Presents

Ok, first I would like to start this post out by asking you not to judge me.  I am not proud of the time period that has gone by within this post...  Anyway, here I go.

A week before Christmas, Ladybug stayed the week at my parents house.  It was a much needed break for us to get some things straighten out at our house (I won't go into detail).  This is the longest she's stayed away from me since she was born.  It was hard for all of us but she had a great time at Gram's and Granddad's house and loved spending that time with them... Until she talked on the phone with me at night that is.  

At the end of the week, I met my Mom in a town about half way between our two houses.  Ladybug and I were overjoyed to see each other.  She said that she made us some presents.  We came home and unpacked her clothes and started doing other stuff.  

Time passed.... It's now early March.  I had cleaned out one of the backpacks used for some of her stuff so that I could use it.  It mostly had her drawings, pictures and coloring's in it.  I was in a hurry so just dumped it all on the floor to go through later.  Well, when I went through it later, as I was cleaning up my room, I noticed that some of the pictures were taped like presents... but the presents inside were, how should I describe them... squishy.  I couldn't think of what they could be so I unwrapped one.  After I got through all that tape I found.... a slice of American Cheese, still in the wrapping, perfectly preserved.  Wow, does she know the way to our hearts or what!

I asked her if she had asked Gram or Granddad if she could have the cheese to wrap as a present and she told me no.  When I asked her why she said:

"Well, Mommy, I wanted it to be a surprise."

Well, it was a surprise alright.  I explained to her that when you take things that aren't yours without asking it's stealing and that she should have asked if she could have it (I bet it wasn't missed but still).  She said:

"Oh, I'm sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to steal it.  Promise me that you won't tell anyone."

Ok, so minor technicality, I didn't tell "anyone", I told everyone (through this Blog).  OMG I laughed very hard at the look on her face.  I never imagined that that's what the present would have been.  

Friday, February 3, 2012


OK so before you jump to the conclusion that my poor little Ladybug is being misused somehow, let me explain.

Ladybug goes to a preschool that has 2-5 year old in the same class. They share a bathroom that has two toilets.  So, I am sure at one point or another they have seen each others underwear etc.  

However, this does not explain the comment when I showed Ladybug a newborn picture of herself and she looked at the bellybutton (that was clamped off and cut) and said "Mommy, that kinda looks like a boys Potty."

I still believe that this is all fairly innocent but did bring it to the attention of the teachers at the school and I also was able to find out which "boys" (there was really only one) said that about her panties.  

I thought it was funny how she said that anyway.  Who knows... the boy could have seen her panties because her pants fall down (Plumbers Crack).